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Dr. Johannes Öhlböck LL.M. | Attorney at Law | Vienna, Austria

Comprehensive legal advice is the focus of my services. Trust, integrity, reliability and competent solutions form the basis of cooperation with my clients. I accompany you on your road to success. This road commences for me not only upon initiating of or defending against measures of courts of law or authorities, but already in the run up with out of court consultancy. The objective to this effect is to jointly work out creative solutions in the individual case. Creating profit and added value for you and your business forms the focus of my activities as attorney at law.

The Law Offices Dr. Johannes Öhlböck LL.M. has been set up in Vienna in 2007, giving advice to and representing its clients in business law issues before courts of law and authorities in Austria.

Being attorney at law, Dr. Öhlböck is primarily engaged in business law, company law, distribution law, internet law, private law and issues of intellectual property (trademark law, copyright). Dr. Johannes Öhlböck LL.M. has at his disposal experience as member of the board of trustees of foundations and consultant for stock corporations and companies with limited liability.



Dr. Johannes Öhlböck regularly publishes articles in professional magazines, such as "Autoinformation" or "Auto & Wirtschaft". He also publishes articles in professional magazines and books in the legal field, as well as commentaries for the legal profession.

Vienna Bar Association

Dr. Johannes Öhlböck LL.M. is Member of the Vienna Bar Association since 2003. Since 2007 he is Attorney at Law in his own Law Office.

Lecturing | University

Dr. Johannes Öhlböck LL.M. is lecturer in a number of universities, that is

Universtätslehrgang Informations- und Medienrecht, Universität Wien
Studium MedienSpielPädagogik, Donau-Universität-Krems
Universitätslehrgang Dipolom-Önologie, Universität für Bodenkultur

begleitete Causen | Stellungnahme zu aktuellen Rechtsfragen

The obligation to secrecy is among the most noble professional duties of a lawyer. In a number of cases, however, a client desires and issues instructions to render a media statement. In this manner Dr. Öhlböck provides support for his clients by acting vis a vis media, should it be required. Moreover, Dr. Öhlböck is called in by Austrian and international media as expert for legal issues of interest in individual cases:

Korrekturabzug von Branchenbuchverlag
Schadenersatz nach letaler Dosis Substitol
Vorgehen wegen Mobbing
Verhetzung im Internet
keine Rundfunkgebühren (GIS) für blosses Streaming
Rückforderbarkeit von Konzertkarten nach Tod des Künstlers
20 Jahre Bosman-Urteil
12 Jahre Haft für Ex-Pater (Vertretung von Opfern)
Rechtsfragen bei Online-Shopping
Vertretung gegen Scientology Österreich in Zivil- und Strafsachen
Alles für den Hugo?
Vertretung von ehemaligen Heimkindern des Kinderheims Wilhelminenberg
Massenmail an 592 Empfänger
Heimkinder mit Malaria infiziert
Kinderheim Wilhelminenberg - Pressekonferenz


The law offices of Dr. Johannes Öhlböck LL.M. has already received the following Awards:

Top Company bei kununu
Open Company bei kununu


Dr. Johannes Öhlböck LL.M. | Attorney at Law (Vienna, Austria)

Wickenburggasse 26/5, 1080 Wien

Dr. Johannes Öhlböck LL.M.

Attorney at Law

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