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If damage is caused unlawfully and at somebody’s fault, damages can generally be claimed. This is a classic case in traffic accidents or skiing accidents. In such cases you are entitled to

  • damages for pain and suffering
  • lost earnings
  • compensation for medical expenses
  • compensation for disfigurement

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Moreover, damages are also a possible option in many other cases, such as:

  • physician’s liability for medical malpractice
  • incorrect advice in buying shares (damages after investment consulting)
  • inadmissible exploitation of intellectual property or violation of competition law

In many cases of damages, insurance steps in. Checking a quotation of an insurer merits special attention. Accepting it may have far-reaching consequences. 

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Attorney at law Dr Johannes Öhlböck offers you consultation for damages for pain and suffering, medical expenses, lost earnings and asserts your claims for damages in and out of court (Austria).

Diary of pain and suffering | cost schedule

Support your claim of damages for pain and suffering with a printout of your pain and suffering diary and the cost schedule duly completed.