Civil Law

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Civil law (also called private or common law) affects all of us. This begins as soon as rights come into existence at birth or condition of the same. Civil law governs relations among persons. They can be legal persons (e.g. corporations, associations, etc.) or natural persons (individuals).

Attorney at law Dr Johannes Öhlböck LL. M. provides legal advice and represents you in classical issues of civil law, such as verification or setting up contracts for you.

If goods you acquired (car, house, apartment, ...) turn out defective, you will have to assert warranty claims (improvement, price reduction, conversion), error or damages and possibly go to court.

As a consequence of bodily injury, for example through a traffic accident, an accident while skiing, official liability, product liability, etc., claims for damages (damage for pain and suffering, medical expenses, compensation for loss of a loved person, ...) can be claimed.

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Attorney at law Dr Johannes Öhlböck LL. M. your legal counsel for civil law issues, will also represent you at court in Austria.