Procedural Law

Among all legal professions in Austria, it is the attorney at law who has the most comprehensive power of representation.  It covers all courts of law and authorities of the Republic of Austria and includes the power to act as counsel in all judicial and extra-judicial, in all public and private matters.


Attorney at law | Civil proceedings

Civil procedure law covers the total of all provisions of the law governing the formal course of civil proceedings. The attorney at law is inter alia, active in the following matters:

  • complaint / defence
  • preparatory pleading
  • appeal of a court order / response to an appeal
  • appeal of a judgement / response to an appeal
  • appeal to the supreme court/ response to an appeal
  • access to the records
  • conducting a trial / court hearing
  • settlement negotiation

Criminal proceedings

In criminal proceedings the attorney at law acts as counsel for the defence and his tasks include:

  • requesting access to the records
  • filing objections against the charges raised
  • requesting collection of evidence - motion to hear or take evidence
  • appealing for violation of subjective rights
  • complaining against coercive measures ordered by the court
  • filing petition to drop charges or close proceedings
  • participating in the trial, adversarial interrogation of witnesses and sequence of events analysis
  • filing an appeal
  • filing a complaint for nullity

Attorney at law | Administrative proceedings

In administrative proceedings the attorney has at his disposal, just as in the civil and criminal proceedings, a number of rights he can assert for his client, such as:

  • appeal to the administrative court
  • appeal to the supreme administrative court
  • appeal to the constitutional court

Attorney at law | Austria | Lawyer

Attorney at law Dr Johannes Öhlböck LL. M. represents you in proceedings before Austrian courts of law and authorities.