Attorney Austria - Encashment

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Reminder by an attorney at law

Payment moral gradually deteriorates. If reminders don’t work anymore, a letter from an attorney at law might solve the problem. A lawyerly reminder includes the payment request of the amount owed, interest and legal costs with a short deadline for payment. Many debtors adhere to this request.

Legal default action and execution

By amounts up to EUR 75.000,00 and if the reminder doesn’t fulfill the request I initiate a legal default action. Consequently a payment summons is issued. In many cases the defaulting debtor doesn’t appeal, therefore the payment summons becomes valid. With this valid payment summons and through execution you can proceed against the debtor making the original claim, interest and legal costs exactable. For instance, these following tools of execution are possible:

  • Seizure and auction of property (condo, house, ground,...)
  • Wage garnishment, attachment of salary, seizure of bank balance, attachment of debtor's purse, etc.
  • Seizure and utilization of securities or movable properties (car, TV, computer, jewelry,...)
  • Seizure and utilization of Internet domains, trademarks or trade laws
  • Seizure and utilization of shares in a business

Attorney at law – collection / encashment

Dr. Johannes Öhlböck LL.M., Attorney at law, advises and supports you individually by initating and proceeding your request (debt collection by reminder or legal proceedings).