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Damages (100% Relevance)
Damages Attorney at law | Austria | Damages If damage is caused unlawfully and at somebody’s fault, damages can generally be claimed . This is a classic case in ... skiing accidents. In such cases you are entitled to damages for pain and suffering lost earnings compensation for medical expenses compensation for disfigurement

Civil Law (100% Relevance)
Civil Law Civil Law Civil law ( also called private or common law) affects all of us. This begins as soon as rights come into existence at birth or condition of the same. Civil law governs relations among persons. They can be legal ... etc.) or natural persons (individuals). Attorney at law Dr Johannes Öhlböck LL. M. provides legal advice and represents you in classical issues

Traffic accident | Attorney at Law (100% Relevance)
Traffic accident | Attorney at Law Traffic accident Austria A traffic accident involving ... criminal proceedings and civil proceedings . In case of a traffic accident, attorney at law Dr Öhlböck represents you in court or before the administrative authorities. Traffic accident Austria | Lawyer In most cases, traffic accidents result in administrative proceedings or court proceedings (civil

Damages for pain and suffering (100% Relevance)
Damages for pain and suffering Damages for Pain and Suffering Damages for pain and suffering can be claimed for compensation of immaterial damage, for example after a traffic accident or a skiing accident. The purpose of damages for pain and suffering is to mitigate pain . Physical and mental pain will be compensated. The

Skiing accident | Attorney at law (100% Relevance)
Skiing accident | Attorney at law Skiing accident | Austria | Attorney at Law Skiing accidents frequently result in severe injuries and require - if no agreement is reached on the cause of damage or injury – action in court in Austria ... Carinthia, Styria).  Persons injured are entitled to damages (compensation for pain and suffering, lost earnings, cost

Defrocked priest fails to appeal abuse sentence (70% Relevance)
... High Court has rejected an appeal by the former head of a Catholic boarding school run by Kremsmünster Abbey who was found guilty of child abuse. The defrocked priest , 81-year-old ... sentenced to 12 years in prison in 2013 for 24 cases of child abuse and sexual violence at the school in ... charged with sexually abusing 15 children whilst head

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