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Damages (100% Relevance)
Damages Attorney at law | Austria | Damages If damage is caused unlawfully and at somebody’s fault, damages can generally be claimed . This is a classic case in ... skiing accidents. In such cases you are entitled to damages for pain and suffering lost earnings compensation for medical expenses compensation for disfigurement Law of

Damages for pain and suffering (100% Relevance)
Damages for pain and suffering Damages for Pain and Suffering Damages for pain and suffering can be claimed for ... traffic accident or a skiing accident. The purpose of damages for pain and suffering is to mitigate pain . Physical ... law), the courts in Austria ascertain the amount of damages for pain and suffering by daily amounts. Daily ... and suffering | cost schedule Support your claim for

Skiing accident | Attorney at law (64% Relevance)
... Carinthia, Styria).  Persons injured are entitled to damages (compensation for pain and suffering, lost earnings, ... Ski lift accident Prerequisites for any claim for damages following a skiing accident are for the damage and ... seeks payment of a certain amount of money (covering damages, damages for pain and suffering, medical expense, etc.) as ...

Civil Law (63% Relevance)
... (car, house, apartment, ...) turn out defective, you will have to assert warranty claims (improvement, price reduction, conversion), error or damages and possibly go to court. As a consequence of bodily injury, for example through a traffic accident, an accident while skiing, official liability, product liability, etc., claims for 

Traffic accident | Attorney at Law (60% Relevance)
... (Railway and Motor Vehicle Third Party Liability Act) and include: damages   ( e.g. damage to the vehicle, contents, clothes, ...) damages for pain and suffering damages for loss of loved persons lost earnings cost of medical treatment ... in Austria. Tags traffic accident Austria Accident Attorney at Law

Defrocked priest fails to appeal abuse sentence (59% Relevance)
... of limitations - which was rejected. The regional high court in Linz must now decide the total length of his sentence and also if he should pay damages to any of his victims. Attorney - a milestone for a lawsuit of this size and nature A lawyer for the victims , Johannes Öhlböck , called the ... to be done. It’s a good sign - but just a drop in the ocean,” he said. <- Back to: News Tags Kremsmünster Attorney Vienna abuse law suit

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