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Civil Law (100% Relevance)
Civil Law Civil Law Civil law ( also called private or common law) affects all ... into existence at birth or condition of the same. Civil law governs relations among persons. They can be ... advice and represents you in classical issues of civil law, such as verification or setting up contracts for ... loved person, ...) can be claimed. Attorney at law |

Procedural law (83% Relevance)
... in all public and private matters. Attorney at law | Civil proceedings Civil procedure law covers the total of all provisions of the law governing the formal course of civil proceedings. The attorney at law is inter alia, active in the ... trial / court hearing settlement negotiation Criminal proceedings In criminal

Traffic accident | Attorney at Law (73% Relevance)
... personal injury generally results in criminal proceedings and civil proceedings . In case of a traffic accident, attorney at law Dr ... cases, traffic accidents result in administrative proceedings or court proceedings (civil law or criminal law). If administrative rules are ... Such cases are not only violating duty of care under

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