Citizenship Law Austria

Citizenship Law Austria
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The Austrian citizenship can be granted to foreigners under certain conditions, which are laid down in the Austrian Act on citizenship. The conferral of the Austrian citizenship is therefore the final step after a successful integration process in Austria.

According to the Austrian Act on citizenship there are different types of obtaining the Austrian citizenship.

Austrian citizenship: Obtaining by origin

Due to the origin a legitimate child can obtain the Austrian citizenship, if it was born after the 01.09.1983 and one of its parents was Austrian citizen at the moment of birth. Concerning a legitimate child that was born before this date it is necessary that its father held the Austrian citizenship at the moment of birth. An illegitimate child can obtain the Austrian citizenship if its mother was Austrian citizen at the moment of birth

Austrian citizenship by conferral

Applicants for conferral of the Austrian Citizenship on the one hand have to fulfil many requirements and on the other hand have to prove a certain period of time of living in Austria. The length of this period depends on the legal status of the applicant.

Dual Citizenship Austria

In Austria the dual citizenship is possible in exceptional cases, but not provided as the rule. There can be distinguished the following three cases:

  • obtaining the Austrian citizenship by foreigners (while retaining the original citizenship; Attention: prior approval in Austria is necessary!)
  • obtaining a foreign citizenship by an Austrian (while retaining the Austrian citizenship)
  • dual citizenships of children